We are looking forward to opening these stores since we think they are the best and most liked!

These are examples of 20 we really think are the best in the biz!:

Kroger /Publix/ Lidl

LA Fitness / 24 Hour Fitness

Food Hall/  5 to 6 concepts 

(Burger, Smoothie, Asian Food, Pizza)

Wells Fargo/ Bank of America/ or Regions

Wawa or Sheets 

Nail salon 

Hair salon


Vision works or Lenscrafters

Pet Groomer

Houston's/ Yard House/Bar Louie 


Dental  Aspen Dental/Dental Care Group

We have 12 categories/ 20 names at everyday centers:

  1. Gym/Health & Fitness
  2. Grocery Store (Pharmacy, Deli, Bakery)
  3. Restaurant (Lunch and Dinner/Bar with outdoor seating)
  4. Nail Salon 
  5. Hair Cut for men & Hair salon for women
  6. Dental office
  7. Pet Grooming 
  8. Cleaners (drop off only)
  9. 6 food uses in one building (Pizza, Burger, Taco, Sushi, Salad/Smoothie)
  10. Gas station with car wash and charging stations
  11. Bank with drive thru
  12. Optical/Eyes

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