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Convenient retail that brings you back everyday. 

The contract will be on EDC purchase agreement form.  $10K USD non-refundable at signing which would be applied towards purchase price.  

$100K USD non refundable towards purchase price at 30 business days and then EDC will close at price agreed upon within 20 business days. Contract will be assignable.   

Everyday Centers has a very unique footprint that requires a special piece of land before we begin the acquisition and development process.

Twenty (20) Preliminary Site Requirements: (We will review all sites and consider some exceptions!)

1. 20+ acres 

2. Located about 5 miles from a mall and outlet (We will consider a mall that is 80% vacant)

3. Regular shape and or nothing funky (Front visibility must be at least 300+/- ft)

4. 20,000+ ADT cars per day

5. Phase 1 and 2 completed (No contamination, no sink holes, no wildlife issues)

6. Vacant commercial/retail zoned/Shopping Center zoned

7. Utilities: Water, electricity, telephone to site

8. At least 1 intersection with signal and 4 access points 

9. Minimum 150,000 SF approved but no single box/over 70,000 SF

10. Drive thru approval needed for one pad

11. 25,000+ people living within 3 mile radius

12. We like sites near colleges and hospitals

13. Safety is our priority so we like safe areas  

14. We like Uber and Lyft friendly cities

15. We like to work with county/cities that are pro development

16. We will have space for car charging stations  

17. Beer and wine allowed to be sold

18. We prefer vacant land but will demo if needed

19. We like land owners to be very helpful during due diligence process 

20. Lastly we will need 90 days to close on land contingent on the following and doing a market study before closing

If your the exclusive broker or seller of land that meets these requirements please send us the Offering Memorandum.  If we are interested we will reach out to you right away.   IF we like your site we will go to contract very quickly and close fast!  We will expedite due diligence and really like working with cooperative and motivated sellers.

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